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Simply Franee

You never "need a gift"- that's simply why it's a gift.

Do something nice for someone else and surprise them. 

Do you have trouble shopping for other people when you are in need of a gift? Hi! I'm Franee and you can request my services in helping you find the most fitting gift/experience for an upcoming occasion! You won't be disappointed!

  • I am very researched & resourced at knowing different places, sites and deals to help you find the perfect gift for the occasion!

  • I will ask a few details about who you're shopping for, and get started right away on finding something based on your budget and time frame! 

  • Not only do I feel confident that I can find the perfect gift for someone, I also take pride & joy in finding or recommending an amazing experience/vacation/trip for someone! There are all sorts of options these days that I feel many people forget about, and helping someone discover a good deal for a getaway, makes me so happy!

  • To get started, send me a message about who you're looking to find a gift for and I will ask a few questions to get to know a little bit more about who they are, and what the occasion is. I work fast and with sincerity to find something tailored to exactly the person receiving! 

  • Don't have someone you want to get anything for?-- maybe you are interested in seeing what amazing things I can find for yourself!  "Buy all means" ;-) -- let me wow you and find you something to treat yourself with. Whether it be for your house, wardrobe, collection, or even just a mystery gift! 

Trust in me- I am taking a major leap of faith to make something out of things I love to do! Life's too short, take the trip/buy the gift.

Gift Box
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9:00AM- 4:00PM

 SATURDAY 11:00 - 3:00PM

SUNDAY- Day of Rest! 

"Her gifts are very thoughtful, she puts in way more thought than most people do and her gifts are never obvious!"

"Franee never disappoints, I am left feeling so loved!"

"I have no idea where she finds these gifts, but they just keep getting cooler!"


Free Consultation! Let's Chat!

 If I should be a fit for your   needs,  I charge: 

$20 for budgets up to $50

$50 for budgets up to $100

$250 for budgets up to $500

I also offer themed Bundles!

(I work within your budget- ask me for clarification!)

Since this is new still- I will accept payments through paypal & @simplyfranee VENMO only right now.  Other payment options to come.

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PAYPAL: upon request
VENMO: @simplyfranee

At least until business picks up/I decide to purchase the option to accept payments.

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