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Hello everyone!

Thank you so much for the outpouring amount of support and love around my new business start-up- Simply Franee LLC. I greatly appreciate it and have already made some sales!

When sharing my business, some people have asked me, "Why would someone hire you to do the shopping when they can just do it themselves?" I didn't take this to be rude by any means but I wanted to share some reasons why you need me:

->People are often very busy. With kids, full time jobs and everything around the house, it's difficult to find meaningful time to go out shopping for an upcoming occasion for a gift for someone.

(If you are one of these people you should also consider me to help you find a nice getaway for the family, you do a lot and deserve to live some of your own life in a more relaxing matter!)

->Sometimes it's a lot of trouble shopping for a particular person and you have no idea what to get them so you either don't get them anything at all, or buy a gift card. While gift cards are a great way to get people to go out and go shopping for themselves, they also tend to sit in wallets for months or even a year before a lot of people often get to them. So they really aren't appreciating your gift right from the get-go.

(However, if you do have a gift-card, and you are super busy but would really like to get something new, allow me to help you find some goodies to treat yourself with! I offer that as a service too!)

-> When most people start shopping, they are looking for good deals, and go to the easiest/ convenient places. Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. While I also shop at these places, I try to help find you not only great deals, but also unique and personalized gifts elsewhere that will make whoever you are gifting, feel absolutely loved and thought of. Things that you don't know exist or feel totally applicable to the occasion. I do a lot of research to see where the cheapest place is I can get the item and once I obtain it, I share it with you for your input.

I thought to end this post I would share 3 unique items for potential gifts, so you are able to see what I am capable of finding! Just keep in mind, I am not a sponsor for these places and these are just items I found and wanted to share with you as examples!

This super funny yet helpful charcuterie board for your next hosting!


For the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans in your life, an adorable central perk outdoor blanket tote! It functions as a tote bag but also a blanket for your next outdoor picnic/party affair.

Boxlunch (and every $10 you spend here, will help provide a meal to a person in need)

Faux unique leaf garland for any room in your house! Urban Outfitters on clearance!

So what did you think? Pretty unique gift ideas right? Whether it's for yourself or someone else, these things are sure to please and they are not too sentimental or personal if that's what you're after!

Basically, once I know more about the person you are shopping for and the occasion, with a few funneling questions I am confident I can find the perfect thing to send you on your way with!

Give me a shot, even if it's just a consultation, you will at least know more! I am happy to help!

Cheers & Thank you kindly,


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