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Previously on a day in the life of the Mills Homestead on repeat for the last 3 months....

The days are starting to blend guys. I'm actually impressed they didn't sooner for me but it's starting to get really old, and I'm starting to feel like I retired early in a sense. What day of the week is it? My planner is only filled with household duties as it's only plan.

8am- let chickens out

9am- shower and coffee time

10- are the dishes done? Has laundry been started?

Certainly I understand things could be worse but I am so ready for the next opportunity and exciting thing to look forward to.

We got the pool opened up this week and surprisingly, it was a smooth and easy opening with mostly clean waters!

After no mow May, (for the bees) we finally mowed the lawn. I forgot how lovely it looks with cut grass.

The morning glories I planted outside by the trellis have popped up, so that'll be exciting for me when they go wild.

My irises and clematis have both bloomed this week.

Now since this picture, I have 7 more clematis flowers.

Lots of grass and greens for the chickens.

A new friend we found while opening the he supposed to be that color? I don't know.

And a not...friend. Almost the size of my foot.

More painted outlet/light switch covers. Maybe one day they will lose their charm to me as I dream of a luxurious feeling house but also I'm torn between something that's more made with love.

Oh beautiful azaleas.

Otherwise that's about it for this week. More bloomings. The garden has seedlings popping up but nothing worthy of pictures quite yet.

If you guys have any suggestions for blog posts, I'm taking recommendations.

Til next week


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