The Beauty of Letter Writing

Hi friends!

One thing that has been keeping me sane through the pandemic being locked up at home is hand writing letters back and forth with my sister throughout the last few months! She's always been insanely creative and artsy and I like to think I have a little of that myself. The letters are so exciting to create and to receive in the mail after a boring week!

Our letters consist of the cutest stationary and packaging! She loves to insert fun stickers and insert goodies! We have included recipes and cocktail recipes. Quotes. Playlists. And show or book recommendations!

Lots of fun ribbons and fountain pens! It's so much fun to go all out and make each other's day with fun mail. Plus it forces us to work on our hand writing!

For one of hers- I dried rose petals and glued them on, tossing loose ones in the box and envelope! So romantic and charming!

She always has fun tissue paper, ties, and washi tapes!

And ALL the stickers. We absolutely LoVe the stickers!!

Her packaging has always been perfection! Look at this sweet doodling on my recent letter!

She always has the best supplies! Little gifties of beauty each letter. Our letters are something I absolutely cherish and will hang onto forever, to one day look back on and get inspired all over again!

Support her & her craftiness! She makes handmade jewelry, knits, bags and quilts! And they are amazing!!!


I'll start taking more pictures of all the letters we've sent. Typically we each receive one a week! Highly recommend giving it a try- feels so good!

Check out Pinterest and YouTube for fun letter writing ideas!

Xo Franee

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