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Hello friends,

Thought I would dig a little deeper this week on the blog. Wanted to share some garden progress, from my seeds and seedlings I started awhile back. I started some morning glories inside with some bachelor buttons, but I also planted some morning glory seeds outside in the area around our archway. To my surprise they took beautifully and are growing quickly.

You'll also see a surprise nasturtium hanging on from last year that also popped up. Either that or it was mixed in the packet with the others!

I hope they grow wild and climb the fenceway and flourish! I will admit I am not a fan of having to remember to water them every day, especially since my yard is like the dust bowl right now, in desperate need of rain. Everytime a rainstorm is coming, in hours it's pushed to days away.

Here are the seedlings I started inside. They were pretty shocked and didn't look promising once I repot them outside but most everyone has bounced back and turning beautiful and green.

My hopes are they will wrap up along the deck walls and bloom. But truthfully, I think they don't love as much sun as they get in these pots. It's full sun the majority of the day.

Piper always loves making garden runs with me making sure things are well watered and growing. And looks absolutely adorable on the deck.

It's a little hard to tell if you aren't sure what it looked like before but it's making progress. Basically eyeball out the square patch and what's growing is what's come up. It's wild, I know- grass and plants that I didn't plant are coming up with hopefully a lot of wildflower seeds. As far as the veggie seeds, who knows it anything is coming up because I've let the ground cover plant take over. But you may recall, my plan was to not worry or stress over the veggie part, but to just let what grows, grow.

Once it's more pronounced, the egg shell jar will be in handy feeding the garden. I wanted to try it this year and have endless egg shells.

After fully rinsing the egg shells, you microwave them for 2 minutes and then crush them into the jar. They certainly look pretty. Imagine if you had different colors than mine!

I'll let you know the results once I sprinkle them in.

This plant has been lurking into my yard lately and has the absolute sweetest scent. I'm thinking it may be wild honeysuckle. It's definitely invasive.

My dogwood trees, I have 5, are in full bloom! Their flowers are so fun, and look like little paper origamis. I especially love the berries they produce after flowering come fall, because the chickens absolutely love them.

I will say the apples this year are booking. We definitely didn't have this many on this tree last year! Our pear tree is just as exciting.

It's always fun and rewarding to see the bounty each year. Feels good having your own mini orchard. Thankfully we've not many pests so it's "organic" and not with a ton of pesticides. If we don't eat it, the chickens enjoy the benefits.

In other news, baby silkie (Itsy-is what I've been calling it) is the same size as Honey now. It happened so fast, but they grow fast! This chick is sooooo lovey right now too. Always in my face for pets and snuggles and wanting to roost on my arm.

If things go well, which the last few tries have not quite made it, and hopefully I'm not jinxing it, we will have our last chick of the season this Sunday. Muffy has been trying to sit on an egg for two "trimesters" now if you will. What that means is she almost made it to 21 days last time but the egg was not indeed fertile and rotted. You can tell because it's light as air and has a smell not so grand. Being that it was a black astralorp, my bigger girls, perhaps cogburn never got the job full done. This time, and still so broody, she has been sitting on a Rhode island red's egg. Which will be a new sight if it does hatch, part silkie and part Rhode island red. Could be cute. It's almost an experiment this time around, to see if the reds eggs are fertile or not. Thankfully chickens who are broody are just that, wanting to sit, and while they may want a baby chick, they are not sad or heartbroken or confused from sitting for so long with no results. In fact, some broody girls won't even take to the chicks they hatch, they just wanted to sit on the eggs. Just like how my big girls are bullies to my broody silkies insisting on laying their egg, in their box on top of them, so they can do the job is sitting and hatching the egg. Free loaders.

Meanwhile, we celebrated our 7 year wedding anniversary this week, and in December will be 13 years of dating. It was a different celebrating being home on quarentine and staying safe, but we made the most of it we could.

The weather has been hot. Humid. But just hot. Which means a lot of pool time, which is where we enjoyed this bottle of wine.

The most beautiful hue was in the light and sky. Pink warm lighting. I had to capture it.

Our deck is gonna need some TLC next year. It's all peeled up and I'm thinking a grey stain will hold better.

Well that's about all I've got to share as far as new things around here. Hoping everyone is still making the most of their home and time right now. Enjoy the moments and what you invest in.

Cheers til next week!


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