Sunday Snoozeday

Hi! Hoping everyone had a lovely weekend and took some down time to recharge. Thought I would share what we did this weekend to catch you all up and inspire you as the next week comes forth. Today was spent mostly lounging around the living room, reading inside and floating in the pool, with of course a few chores before the week starts.

Check out my little tomatoes! I grew them from SEED! They took off and now have the tiniest of fruits starting. I hope they develop easily and are juicy! This is the first time I have ever tried growing tomatoes.

Here's the most recent photograph of the flock! 5 normal size hens, Gucci, Trog, Sweetpea, Red and Dusty. 2 hybrids (half silkie half normal), Blondie and Chippy. 6 Silkies; Cogburn rooster, Petunia, Honey, Muffy, Sienna, and the teenage size Fiesta that I hatched out earlier this year.

On pinterest I see all the most beautiful chicken coops, with the most beautiful feed and I almost decided to buy a premade bag with flower petals...until I realized, I have roses and dried the petals myself to add to the feed I already buy! Just as pretty, significantly cheaper. They do in fact eat the dried petals too, because I never see them left behind.

I decided to give this project a try this week. I saw online that you can add incredible texture to paintings if you glue lace on before hand so I figured why not as I have a ton sitting in a container waiting to be used. Just let it dry for a few hours, which is what it's doing right now and then paint over the design whatever you'd like! I have an idea with two of what I will make the picture into, but the other two we shall see what comes of it.

It's been way too hot here lately. I am unable to stand the 90s or high 80s even these days. When I was younger, no big deal, I craved the sun. Now, I beg for rain. We had some over night that I did not get to witness, but my lilies were happy and hydrated after it.

I did my usual flower garden with the wildflower seeds this year too. Same place. It's slow this year but taken off with all green. Looking forward to seeing some blooms in the next week or two hopefully! I hope it's so beautiful. I spent so much time adding extra and different seeds this year. We did marigolds, zinnias, impatients (which I have never grown from seed before) a few random packets of wildflower mix, which I can see some cosmos already. There were a few others that I am totally blanking on too. Let's hope it thrives!

&&& Sweet sweet Piper, reminding me to take it easy and rest when I need it most. I have a habit to always work, (mentally I am always doing something for the next thing to get ahead) and the feeling of needing to always be doing something. While painting yesterday, I glanced over and was reminded of not only her cuteness, but to slow down sometimes and just be.

Thanks for reading, hope you read this with joy and are looking forward to focusing on the right things this week.

Happy Snoozing

xo Franee

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