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Updated: Mar 9

Good morning 😊 I for some reason, have always loved rainy days. A lot of people find them depressing, nothing to do, and inconvenient. I find them soul refreshing. I love feeling the want to be stuck in. I love watching, hearing, smelling the rain. I love throwing on ambiance lighting and lighting candles and setting the entire scene when it rains.

But I also don't mind going out when it rains. Rainboots, a cute skirt and a big comfy sweater. Feels really nice to putz around an antique store with a hot drink while it rains. Or get a window seat at a jazzy cafe. Heck I love even riding in the car when it rains. Big fan. 10/10

The dog wood berries have begun to change. They say they are edible for us to eat though I haven't had interest in trying- I will say that the chickens absolutely adore them. So it feels really nice to pick them up off the ground and pluck off the tree to give to the girls as a sustainable treat. My crab apple trees are beginning to berry? As well. Not the typical apple, the small little cherry like ones. They flowers gorgeously pink in the spring (you may recall my spring posts) and then drop and berry up -another nice collection for the chickens.

It's safe to say that bunny Oreo has gotten comfortable with her new home. She's a love. Lots of kisses, appreciates snuggles and a good blanket or towel, poops and pees as she wishes during free ranging of the house (don't love) and seems to be quite happy in her little bunny self.

Today we are getting her a bigger crate. Eventually the goal Is to make a beautiful long furniture pallet like one we found on Pinterest. But for now, just another bigger dog crate will help her cage stay cleaner and give her more space to zoom about. Will share next week.

While Bunny is great- Piper was originally happy with her. Always excited to greet her in the mornings. Excited to have her come out and boop noses and walk around together and then overnight decided she was going to be pathetically terrified and jealous of bunny. That she was gonna cry and shake and rebel in jealously of any attention the bunny was getting. And she does just that. If we keep in her same room she retreats to the corner as tucked away as she can and shakes uncontrollably with little cries because she's stressing herself out on purpose. Then the other day we had bunny in the kitchen hopping about- visited her for a couple of mins- Piper snuck away to the basement to pee and poop in the house. Imagine my frustrations with her. This dog is gold most of the time. She pees and poops every morning and night. She responds to a snap of the finger. She is my shadow and completely obedient. To see her do this purposely confused me and made me so disappointed..we are working on it. But any suggestions would be helpful because this was out of no where.

I understand she only wants to be an only pet but that's simply not her decision or an option.

Get a corgi they said. It'll be fun they said. You better have patience and persistence and understanding because this dog will try to control you and is insanely stubborn.

Cute? Very.

Been yard saling up a storm lately. My girlfriend and I struck gold at two- with those great quarter prices! Got alot of planters and some glass trinket dishes for jewelry and things. A fun new pair of shoes and decorative plates.

I also got a free new chair in great condition that I am in love with.

Isn't it just lovely!?

It was a busy week last week to prep for our friends to visit for the long weekend and make sure the house was up to snuff for my liking.

I was very drained come Monday/Tueday from doing more than I usually do (mental stimulation and little trips, hosting and interacting with people, my first in person drs visit). I ended up laying down on the couch to rest for 40 mins- it was uncontrollable and very unlike me.

I am starting to see how tired I am which is why I am truly taking my day off today. A corgi, cat, bunny, and 16 chickens is quite a lot to care for properly, on top of 25 house plants, and a very large house that very much makes me happy when it's also neat and cozy. I do put stress on myself but how I was raised to care for animals and my house is with great energy, attention, and care and it can do a number on you sometimes.

Today is for rejuvenating. I will maybe go to the local greenhouse to use a coupon that came in the local paper- and who I am to say no to more plants at discounted prices!? I am going to do a facemask and maybe take a bath. I am going to read some in my new chair while it rains out a near by window. Thumb through a magazine. Maybe I'll paint some, water color sounds nice. Wear my comfy skirt sweater outfit and just replenish my soul.

Thanks for reading! And those who have subscribed recently, hello! And wow! There's been quite a many! I feel very excited and blessed to have so many readers now! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Happy Reading! & Enjoy your weekends!

Xo Franee

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