Rainy season

Hi guys! The rainy season has shown up and the flowers are blooming! As long as the rain doesn't pound off the petals, I guess I don't mind too much. Lilacs are starting!

Our very happy pear tree is all white blossomed.

Oh rose bush, always wild and growing up the deck. The roses are beautiful once they bloom! I can't wait to redo the deck, a nice dark grey stain will look better than the chipped paint.

I am so obsessed with these trees. You can immediately smell them when walking outdoors. Sweet, soft, spring scents. The bees are crazy for them and always buzzing around.

The Japanese cherry blossom row of trees have started to bud and leaf! Wait until you see them 😍

😍I absolutely love the color of this shrub though truthfully I'm still unsure what it is.

The gorgeous magnolia tree is almost full bloom! I'm betting next week it will be.

I'm pretty sure this is another peach tree in the bottom yard. Much smaller peaches. The blossoms are just darling!

I adore the leaves of this tree. They fan out and look so pretty when the sun shines on them. And behind, the chicken estate 😍

Sometimes, if it's the right box, I fits, I sits.

Sunshine loungin. Was cute to see red perched up top happy.

The chicks are getting big!! Our wings are filling out and we run around flapping off the ground. The sweet brown one learned how to fly up onto the roost today. Mama showed how once and sure enough, up it went.

We snuggle together come evenings, such good Mamas. They have their own sectioned off area while they were getting more active so it was a fair shot and the mother birds weren't fighting everyone all the time. However, I'm thinking I can welcome them into the flock soon as they have had small moments and while the others are curious, they've been respectful.

Been gettin creative with the quarantine. Upping by barkeep skills. These were a fun tropical cocktail spin off similar to "the painkiller". Orange juice, pineapple juice, coconut cream liquor, grenadine, and a sprinkle of nutmeg on top.

Since I play barkeep, Kev is often chef. This week we made the most delicious ramen dish on a whim that was bomb!! He said okay, there's 4 quadrants to the kitchen, you get pantry and fridge, I get freezer and seasonings/condiments. Pick one item from each quadrant and we have to make a dish with all of those involved. We could add additional to it but those four were a necessity. I picked shrimp ramen and leftover pork chop. He picked duck sauce and two frozen hashbrown patties. We added peas and crushed red pepper and made a Thai spicy shrimp duck sauce ramen with crispy potato bits and fried pork chops with a pop of peas. 10/10, I want it at least once a month now!! Hope you guys have been having fun getting creative too.

Piper's loving having us home 24/7. Lots of walks, snuggles and naps. She's very laid back and happy these days. There's a chance I'll have another post in a few days featuring possibly new baby chicks, as it's nearing the end of Honey's 21 days of egg sitting. Every situation is different so it's important to not hold too much hope, but we will see!

On that note, cheers to the evening!

Big hugs (can't wait to hug for real one day)


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