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Where have you been Franee!? Well you know how life goes. Let's say I took a summer vacation. I started listening to my instincts and mood, I didn't previously have much to share or feel like writing about anything. But I'm not gone for good! I have been enjoying summer and home life last few weeks. Nothing really new about that haha thought I would pop in to say hi and share what's been up over here!

Piper has been cuter than ever. Really flourishing with full cat personality. 😆

Passed out in the fan breeze 😂

My girl is always smile ready

I'll never understand how or why she falls asleep like this.

Twinkle is also good- suffocating herself in the heat of the upstairs regardless of how many times I bring her downstairs.

Oh that? That's cat hair...all over my velvet chair...that I literally vacuum off every single day. 🙄

We're pretty nappy these days. But every now and again surprises us with an attack and spunk.

The chickens are all doing well. They do not love the heat, but I do my best trying to keep everyone cool...(I've been dunking them in a bin of cold water every 90+ degree day- we don't love that either but we stop panting after!)

I am so very sad to say that I did recently lose one of my babies. I'm still heartbroken over it. I let everyone out to free range, I was standing right there with everyone and a few came flying quick out of the bush. After glancing it seemed all were okay and there but when lock up time came, I realized I was short one. My sweet dear Pecks 😭

Something snagged her in the bush without a trace. I waited around for her return for a few days and noted she was truly gone. She was my most social friendly bird. My obsessed with mom bird.

She was my first egg 🥚 it was such a celebratory day!

Sweet Pecks always wanted to be pet and loved.

She was the chicken I could take in the house the few times that we got maggots in the trash 🤮🤢 she "pecked" up every single one.

We were both grateful for the outcome.

I miss her dearly every single day. It's weird looking in the coop to not see my leader of the flock. But that's the problem with owning chickens as pets, they are high up on the food wish list. Every predator is out to get them.

Chippy is getting beautiful! Covered feathered feet and the most beautiful markings. Just slightly smaller than our traditional hens yet bigger than a silkie chicken.

We're getting lots of eggs these days, some days 11, most days 8.

We got this really strange no shell only casing egg recently. I let the girls have it but gosh first time I've ever seen it!

My lemon plant is happy and growing beautifully! I hope one day to have a little lemon tree. It's healthy and happy and the leaves have a hint of lemon scent!

My flower garden looks like this this year. Not as impressive as last. Only one Cosmo plant. One petunia plant. A ton of marigolds. No veggie seeds took (to be expected) a few zinnias. But that's about it. Kinda sad but oh well. We'll try again next year- for the record box seeds are where it's at! Packet seeds were what I used this year.

Why do Seltzer's and some canned drinks do this. It's so much plastic and I hope I'm not the only one to cut them up!

Save the turtles and wildlife. It takes a few mins and you'll feel good knowing your trash isn't going to be harmful...to animals at least.

I've done a few paintings recently for friends but have a lineup of 5 I wanna do for myself next! I still also need to get back to painting more outlets for our house. When the mood strikes I suppose...

I think if I had my own art studio/room I would paint more. This is also why I want my own she shed! Outdoor greenhouse with alot of light, warm (with cooking options) and a paint studio in the corner of it! A girl can dream.

! We have started making more authentic Mexican meals at home! Last night we tried our hand at homemade tamales! Not as good as Grandma's but pretty darn delicious still at our first try!

Otherwise, we both are still working from home and staying safe. I am grateful for that opportunity. There are so many projects and things I wanna start and do, but motivation and inspiration hasn't been present to make things start. Just hitting reset each day for the right mindset. It's already August guys.

Ending each day with gorgeous sunsets...

Hope you guys enjoyed my whereabouts and whatchaups!

Til next time!

Xo Franee

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