My week through pictures

Hello! The days are blending, I have no idea what to write about, and there's something charming about seeing what people take pictures of that speaks to them! Here's a buncha photos taken within the last two weeks. 🤷

My favorite time of day, those sunbeams

Half of a blue shell from a bird nest high above.

Top breakfast cheese omlet, jalopeno refried beans and a side of paprika rice.

A surprise goodie for a good friend. The feels

Dried rose petals are a lovely touch to anything

A summer favorite, buttery milk potatoes & green beans

Took time for a pool float with champagne

Sunbathing beauties

My cuddly closet cat, she thinks she's hiding

But of course Piper snuggles all the time

Fresh picked roses, and perfect sun placement

A kaleidoscope plant, didn't bloom last year

My sweet snuggly Chippy, always jumping up on me

A new birdhouse, who knows if anyone will like it

Cute kitty toe beans out by the pool

I just love my pool, such a pretty atmosphere

Finally a visit to the beach, sand & waves

My safe haven, my all time favorite place ever. Watch Hill in Rhode Island.

I know it's not much but hopefully you guys were entertained and inspired by my photos these last two weeks. I challenge you to post your "weekly story" with the photos you've taken.

Til next week, always appreciate the visits and shares!

Xo ~Franee

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