London Fogs, Chicken chatter and Plant Progress

Good morning, and good afternoon from one London fog latte to whatever is in your mug 😉

Gonna keep it brief this week and have it mainly be a post of new pictures. I'm trying to come up with my plan of the next sustainable living/resourceful hack I'd like to try next.

I am Chippy and I'm getting sooooooo cute. I am very social, love when food mom comes to visit me and stick close to my friend, Blondie.

I am Blondie, I am less social, more dramatic and very skittish. But that's how I want to live my life. So.

But look at those feeets. So feathery, so cute. I really hope both of these awkward teens are hens and not roosters.

The littlest one is learning every day. Not as cute soft and fluffy, but frazzled as the feathers are coming in, and being a silkie...that was bound to happen. But we did learn to dust bathe this week.

This is a fairy egg. It's basically a fluke that happens sometimes to the girls. It acts as a real egg but mini size..some of them are with a small yolk and all. It's always funny to find with the collection of the day.

Went on my first outing this previous memorial day! I haven't left the house myself in over two and a half months, being high risk and Drs orders. The weather was perfect, the trail was new to us and Piper loved it! A good 3 and half miles of fun and catching up with our friend Frankie.

Recently I moved some plants around the house since they were all housing here for the winter. It looks so nice to be less cluttered, just need a stool so I can look out the windows enjoying some coffee and or a cocktail in the afternoon. Now that it's warmer in the house a lot of them went back down into the great room. Makes Kev's at home office area a little more inviting.

My asparagus fern is going to slowly take over this room. You'll see it reaching for anything to grab here and expanding. I'm never going to be able to repot it.

My lemon seeds are still pretty happy thankfully!! I really just keep doing what I've been doing praying one day I have a lemon tree.

I hung my hummingbird feeder up recently. Haven't seen any find it yet but they are fluttering around my yard in all the flowering bushes.

Well, that's pretty much all that's new. I follow what I feel like doing day by day. It's like being retired early in life being able to do whatever I want whenever I want, aside from working hours in the office. May try to find inspiration to start a new project this week.

Have a lovely day and rest of the week guys,

Until next time.


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