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Good morning ☕ & Happy Thursday!

I think it's important to remember how precious life is and how it doesn't always have to be so serious. We are a society who often are super sensitive, offended, and reactionary to literally anything these days. So many people get lost and caught up in the news and politics and forget how it feels to receive kindness. You know, simple little things such as holding to door, buying someone's coffee, giving your neighbors veggies from your garden or fresh flowers-- just because. My mama told me this year about May day (the first day of May) and how when she was growing up, she and her siblings would hand pick flowers and place them in homemade paper baskets on people's doorsteps. Why? Just because. That is such a sweet gesture! I feel like so many people could benefit from a little surprise like that, especially these days with all the hate and cold emotions the world has been putting out amongst humanity. Recently, I found sisterhood of the traveling wine of CT. I think maybe I spoke of this already but it is this great, now enormous, group of women who essentially ding ding ditch a basket filled with goodies and alcohol on another woman's doorstep! It's an amazing group of women, filled with love, positivity, and support that started during the beginning of the pandemic. Well when I found this group on Facebook, I could not wait to wine some ladies! So I threw together 5 gifties and delivered them on a very rainy day.

Here are two videos of some of the contents I put in their gift bags. It felt so good to see the women post publicly about it on the group and learn just how much it made their day.

Even though to me it didn't feel enough (I like to gift others so very much) it was a cute something that really surprised these ladies and made them feel cared about and special for a day.

Well recently I discovered Facebook also has a sisterhood of the traveling flowers group! I immediately joined! How exciting, to flower or give someone random a plant! I had to be part of it. I also recently figured out how to properly dry hydrangeas! I tried when they were the brightest blue but the plant was just too alive at that point that they only wilted. The trick is to wait til the end of their lifespan, Less hydration to them- when they have lost some blue and are possibly starting to change color (depending on the acidity of your soil).

This is what mine looked like when I picked them to try the drying process once more. You'll see there's only a smidge of water at the bottom of the vase. You let that evaporate out and leave them be. They crisp up well and hold their color! They're hardy too! You can also hang them upside down, which I also tried and it worked as well. Neither option is better than the other though!

Well, you guessed it, learning about this flower group I could not wait to put together a little something for some random lucky women! If my garden had more fresh flowers I would have gifted those as well, but I thought there's something charming about giving dried hydrangea keepsakes--Using some ribbon and doileys to dress them up! Here is what the finished pieces look like!

We will be dropping them off today on their doorsteps and or mailbox depending on their houses! Can't wait to make them smile!

There are so many simple things you could do to make someone's day! It's easy to get caught up in the wrong sides of life but at the end of it all, think about what really matters at the end of the way and how much easier life is when you're kind and feel loved/cared for!

Thanks for stopping by! Hope I inspired you. Give it a try 🥰

Xo Franee

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