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Hello, it's me. I apologize for not posting a new blog post last week. I was staying in the moment of life and wasn't sure what to write about. While I take pretty pictures of my yard, plants, chickens, corgi, cat & house, I want my blog to be more than just sharing about me. I want it to inspire you, influence you to try living life sustainably and resourcefully. I try to make it into a gather, plant, recycle theme so it stays coherent, vs a diary of me. If you guys could give me some sign that it's worth reading, and you are enjoying it, I will continue as is.

Took advantage this week of more lilacs, and cherry blossoms, along with crab apple blossom branches to decorate my house. They are so vibrant and sweet smelling, they make the house feel complete.

Just stunning.

I have been doing some artwork these last couple of weeks, working more on painting all the outlet covers and light switch covers around the house. Here are a few that I completed.

Aren't they so cute!? Sometimes I really like the results on how they look. But more so, I love how much they make the house look differently and feel unique. It really pops in the rooms when you look around and see them as little paintings on the wall.

Piper and I have walked everyday, and one day a week or so ago, we came across this. Sure, it could be a hawk but recently I've seen a very large bird with an extra long wingspan flying over our house, what a peek of a white head. So, I'm calling Eagle.

Our very bright and vibrant red bush has officially bloomed in front of our house. The hummingbirds absolutely love it and are always zipping around. I haven't gotten my feeder for them out yet, but the bush seems to be doing a great job supplying for them.

My life is filled with flowers, on a daily basis from March-Summer. I am so lucky and in awe of their beauty. A friend surprised me with this stunning hanging basket, a great pick me up! And the most beautiful rhododendron bush produced these flowers, that I had to pair them together with lilacs. They look like the sunrise! Last but not least, the awe of the sparkly wandering Jew leaves. They shimmer unlike any plant I've ever seen.

Made our favorite spicy egg skillet for dinner last night since the girls are producing at full capacity right now, about 10 eggs daily! I also am trying something new where I rinse the egg shells after, and microwave them for 2 minutes to help kill off anything I missed, and then they will be crushed into broken bits. I'm told gardens do really well with the nutrients that come from the shells! Experimenting with it and how perfectly it falls into the sustainable/recycle portion of my blog! I'll let you know how they do. On that note...

I put the girls to work again, and made progress on my flower seed/and chicken garden bed!

Don't be fooled. They are not as excited about fresh dirt as I was hoping and required meal worms to stay long enough to consider helping out.

While it may not look like much, I expanded it quite a bit from last year. I also got sunkissed in the process of this full body workout. Truth is, I hate landscaping and this kind of stuff but I do it to save the bees and because I love having fresh flowers on hand at all times. Plus I had the great idea to also plant some veggie seeds, and with not much effort (I am not ready to take on a serious garden) see if anything comes up for a small chicken garden. If anything does, all the fresh veggies will go to the chickens to help feed them their greens. But again, I am not going through much effort to weed this garden, let the weeds come and it all grow wildly. Just let nature take it's course.

These are a few of the veggies I plan to plant, and a few flower seed packets I have lying around. I will be ordering a box of the wildflower bee seed and tamper them down and let them bloom accordingly. Always, so beautiful as a patch of wild flowers field.

Everyone is doing wonderfully. I am happy to announce that the first two chicks are now fully integrated into the flock smoothly. They all seem to get along which has been less work on me keeping everyone separate. Cogburn has taken a liking to the babies and is trying really hard to get them to snuggle with him. He is just that sweet, and has been finding things specifically to give them, such as clovers and food on the ground. Mama's are good too, Petunia is the sole caretaker these last two weeks. It seems Violet has gave up being a mom and while she sometimes checks in for her little Blondie chick, and helps both of them find food, she's mostly on her own. It was sad to see but I wasn't expecting her to have them glued to her side even as adults, and the chicks are pretty independent but when the nights come they snuggle up with Petunia in their usual bed spot.They are not quite ready to roost all night though one of these nights they might surprise me!

Honey is doing great with baby, though admittedly she's not a great mom outside of the closed walls. Once she's outside she tends to forget about her tiny little chick, starting fights with the other girls (which won't be easy or fun to fix) or running in fear if something scares her leaving little one behind. Baby mostly tries to follow and keep up but they are still under strict supervision with me. Baby has taken a liking to the green clovers these days and all the buggies mama finds. The floofy cuteness is starting to fuzz out with real big bird feathers. They grow so fast.

Side note: what am I? Am I a giant elephant ear plant? I am soft like one, and very big.

Twinkle absolutely loves having Dad at home and working from home. Does work cat well.

But may at times be a bit overbearing and have no space limitations.

This cat loves this man more than life itself. She may have a rep being a mean, devilish cat, but never shows this side to others. I was walking over to ask him something and came across this.

Let's not forget about Piper! She's doing wonderfully and loving having us home all the time too. She's a bit needier these days needing to be entertained and expecting our attention all day, but that was bound to happen. This is her watching us eat dinner, with her blanket of course.

I think that's about it and I covered everything "new" in our world. We are staying busy and just trying to be in the moment. You should try it sometime.

Cheers xo


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