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Updated: May 8, 2020

Happy Days! I feel like so much has happened in the last week, in between posts!

Just when I thought spring sprung weeks ago, it only continues to come on strong. As soon as you walk out the door, you smell the sweet aroma of spring flowers, EVERYWHERE. I keep getting surprised to find a new bush or tree flowering, even ones I didn't remember last year!

Let's start with the most flowery part of the yard. The backyard is a tunnel of flowers down to the chicken coop, and the bees are hard at work.

One of my favorite shots of the house. It's still sometimes unbelievable that this is our home.

Ahhhhhhh <3

This bush has the tiniest, perfectly shaped flowers. I'm pretty sure it's a cherry blossom, which is going to be very beautiful as it grows larger over the years.

My beautiful lilacs are in full bloom already, which is considered rare to my surprise. I remember back in high-school my mother would fill my room with them, in multiple bouquets and when I returned home the windows would be slightly open blowing in a refreshing breeze and my room smelled heavenly. You'll also see a snip-it here that the row of royal Japanese cherry blossom trees are also in full bloom.

They are so beautiful, and fluffy, and pink. I haven't picked any yet, but I usually cut a branch or two and bring them inside to display.

My Lilacs however are all over the house! They are perfect to smell with a glass of wine.

So here's some more exciting news! I was given succulent seeds from a best friend, and she gave the instructions she knew to plant them. Basically all you have to do it let them lay on top of soil, they are minuscule in size, and keep them watered. So I did just that on this last Sunday. 2-3 days later....

Witchcraft! How!? In only two days, aside from how I thought germination worked (usually 7 days?), they are all popped up and happy. I'm hoping that's a good sign.

Oh and we welcomed a new baby chick as of last Saturday!! A pure Silkie (silkie rooster, silkie egg). Honey started with 3 eggs, one got squashed, and one was not fertile, but this little baby is happy and healthy! Again, such an amazing experience to be part of!

Silkie chicks are the ABSOLUTE cutest. They are very tiny and fluffy. Baby is doing so well in it's first week! With one quick show, it knew water and understood food within the first day.

Mama is very happy, and starting to get back up and moving after basically sitting for the last 25 days nonstop.

Kevin is so amazing. I mentioned needing more space for when baby came, and explained my vision to him. After a quick trip for materials, I got exactly my wish.

An in corner, kennel like setup with space on the bottom for two mamas and babies. And mama honey and new baby on top.

Plenty of space for a small silkie, and the very little chicks. I make sure everyone gets up and out of their areas to stretch their legs and explore. It's almost time to let mamas and first two babies join the flock overall, but we are still warming up with introductions. Because they are in the gated area at the bottom, everyone has been able to see them for weeks. They have mingled in the same area sharing treats in small periods of supervised time. Everyone seems to respect the babies, and every now and again the mama hens will scuffle with the others just to make sure.

This set up is ideal because now when I have more broody hens, I can easily let them be broody without having to share nesting boxes and constantly check on the eggs to make sure no one broke them. Plus, should I ever get a sick chicken, this area could make a nice infirmary. When the 2 mamas and babies aren't with the others, they are sometimes in their day home that I brought down for them to get fresh air while we both are working from home. It let's me worry less, and feel bad they are cooped up. A bunny hutch with closed in area on one side, and the rest wired and open for fresh-air and sunshine.

Also, look who learned to "roost." My blondie. That's what I'm calling it anyway. Blondie, and the little brown baby is Chippy. We still have no idea if they are hens or roosters, but time will tell.

They are very cute still and are starting to get personalities. Both have silkie feet, which mean they have extra toes like the silkie breed, and feathers down their feet. Chippy's entire legs are feathers, even in the front. Blondie has some peeks of feathers along the edges of the legs, but not grown in or as fluffy as Chippy. Both are now starting to get mini tufts on top of their heads.

I am having so much fun being at home all the time being able to experience life like this. Raising these guys has been a blast and my heart is full for everything I am fortunate to have.

Home has never felt more like home.

Hope you guys enjoyed catching up with me. Please share some of my posts with your friends and family, I would love more readers but also know my little paradise is refreshing to read about in times of uncertainty.

Cheers & farewell


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