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Updated: Mar 9

Happy Thursday to all! Another late post, but we enjoyed our day wonderfully today, with not so many chores (more relaxing) and also a few errands and a visit from my father in law!

Recently I have been doing a lot of gathering the harvest! Mostly for the animals! Our crab apple tree was LOADED this year. So I picked a basket for the chickens & bunny! The chickens do not love them but when they get really soft, they demolish them because of all the bugs and sweet! Bunny however very much enjoys a section as a treat!

The dogwood berries have changed to mostly red, and started to drop off the trees! The wild birds are enjoying every second of it. I collected a shallow basket full (again for the chickens because they will eat me out of house and home!) and they enjoy them as a sprinkled in treat with their scratch grains, crushed corn and mealworms.

They also are a very photogenic berry! So pretty and fun to look at.

This is my colius. A very highly poisonous plant to dogs, cats and bunnies. I did have it inside for the last year, and it was all green. You may recall from my previous plant post, but since putting her back outside recently, she turned red! So pretty! A perfect fall stoop plant and no one goes near it!

Fun mail! Fun Mail! My FAVORITE! This is a recent letter from my sister- she's the best penpal ever! Tell me that's not insanely creative and beautiful! She made the stationary and envelope!

I really enjoy pen paling so if any one wants to start it up- don't hesitate to reach out to me because I most certainly will say YES!

On my previous post we talked about getting a bigger pen for Bunny Oreo. This is also not her permanent home, but it's certainly bigger than her last cage! At first it was an adjustment and she was very much angry with us for changing her "home." After a couple of days, she has adjusted and gets the zoomies in it, sleeps on the carpet (but also poops and probably pees sometimes so it's really gonna end up getting tossed) ((regardless of the litterbox we put in the bottom with shavings)) and eats her bunny food up top and grazes veggies and hay on the bottom. We are due for a first cleaning tomorrow, and that part may not be so easy with the wood sides, and tray trying to pull out of the bottom.. We will see.

She looks so cute in it though- right!? Now she definitely associates it as her space when she is free ranging and wants to go back in. Also on my last post I talked about getting a local greenhouse coupon. I had to make use of it right away and got these new babies to add to my ever growing plant family.

Another Snake plant because why not!? They are so easy to care for, are fun to look at and keep the air quality nice and clean!

I have no idea what this is, but I loved it's waxy circle leaves. And so miniature to start!

This beautiful crawling plantie whose name escapes me at the moment! I love how it crawls and vines along with the light white bordered leaves! So precious.

But THIS. This is my big buy and favorite baby! It is a Maidenhare fern! It is the most beautiful plant with black stems and crisp delicate poppy like green leaves. I adore it.

I thought I was done with my Hydrangea bush this year but then it started to fade from blue to purple. And since drying the blue blooms was so easy and beautiful and fun, I picked another batch today for purple drying! Call me obsessed- because I am.

All I do to dry them is de-leaf each stem, and then rubber band the ones I want to hang upside down or put them upright in an empty vase. Before I put a little water in the bottom to let it evaporate out, but this last time I didn't add water and they still dried just fine.

And Voila!

I can't wait to see how they dry- they are SO pretty!! And fun little gifts of appreciation to random people. Today before our errands I noticed a mouse running in the nearby garden. I stopped and she sat there and stared up at me. Kev noticed my adoration and came to see what the haps was, and the mouse scrambled into the near by bush. She proceeded to sit in the middle and didn't move anymore while we both oohed and ahhed at her. Kev touched her tail and she didn't even move. We sanitized after but she was really oddly sweet.

Twinkle cat making an appearance and leaving her 8 nap spots to sit on this bench. Why? Because we have never sat on this bench before, and it's a nice spot to sit. There ya have it.

So yea, another week under our belts. Summer is fading, fall is coming in. I hope to decorate for fall next week, it's starting to hit me but I need to set an entire day aside because it takes me forever to decide with all the variables to account for like ambiance, lighting, cluttered ness and color blending. I think this is why I get a lot of compliments but gosh it takes me a long time, ALL day really.

Remember in the busy moments that it's okay to take a minute to couch snuggle. Whether it's with your dog, cat, bunny, bird, or furry friends, or significant other- it feels good to take a moment to share love and snuggles and just appreciate it. Oreo is a big fan of towels and snuggles.

On that note, I suppose that's all I have to share for this week! Gonna go get a glass of wine and jammie up.

Sweet dreams to all!

Cheers! xo Franee

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