Chicks & blooms

Here at the homestead, we've got two beautiful fluffy baby chicks, and everywhere you turn blooms to be seen! Not so bad to be quarantined up at home with all this going on!

On Saturday- Easter Sunday, two adorable chicks were hatched from their nesting mama hens!

The brown baby is part ameracauna and silkie, and the white/yellow baby is part leghorn and silkie. We don't have names yet because it takes awhile to find out if we are hens or roosters. Fingers crossed for hens as we can only keep one rooster, and the flock already respects cogburn.

But we are awfully cute and snuggly. I take them out every day multiple times a day to eat and drink calmly. The others are out in the run while this happens so the chicks can get a feel for food and water first, I'll do more introductions next week. The others know there are babies, and are curious, but because they are not motherly right now, you have to be careful they don't try to kill them. Chickens are very... Dinosaur like in that sense!

We already have been learning how to drink and eat, and peck and scratch. Though we aren't that great at it yet.

This is why I dyed the tops of their heads because you can hardly tell the mamas apart of I had not. Not to mention, they are both very different mother's. Violet is very involved and protective of her yellow chick. She's also very welcoming to other baby, so much she tries to take her from petunia. Petunia loves her baby and has accepted her, but also likes the help from violet and I. She's less gentle and worried for them being so new. So now I know what chick to which mom, and thankfully everyone is getting along.

It's really a beautiful thing to witness and be part of. We are amazed it worked on the first try and have already started more eggs as if Easter! Miss Honey heard and saw babies and immediately asked to be a mom by refusing to leave the box and stand up.

So come May 1st we should hopefully have another baby chick or so! I have no idea how the others will react to more babies coming into the flock, or the other mother birds. But here's hoping to a smooth easy addition!

I've recently been painting a lot again and decided I wanted to hand paint all of the outlet covers/light switch covers in the house to something artsy! The mountain one is in the kitchen and the flowers are by the front door. So far I am loving how they look so, on to the rest!

The days have been getting longer, with a mixture of a lot of rain and sunshine. All of the many of dozens of plants you've seen on my blog post one:

Even in the rain it's a stunning sight.

Our peach tree 😍

Only a matter of time!

Already so beautiful, but just wait til full bloom.

More flowering trees, the white one I'm unsure of what it is, but the pink ones are crab apple trees. The entire thing becomes flowers and the yard is covered in pink petals.

I'm also not 💯 percent on this pretty multi colored bush, but it's sweet smelling and very happy.

It's always amazing to see what has bloomed over night basically. Things we've not seen bloomed the day before starts to, and it's really cool to see how fast plants grow. I just love love love this house.

Even the way the sunlight pours in through the windows come morning and sunset 😍

This was my view coming down the stairs this morning to start the day. Perfectly set on my butterfly painting the sunlight danced. It was reflecting off the water on the pool and just spotlighted it. I'm taking it as a sign to have the most beautiful day.

On that note, I'll have another hot cup of coffee and get to making the most of my mood and time held up at home.

Happy day,


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