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I know what you're thinking. It's been over a year since I have blogged and or even thought about blogging. I think it's safe to say the pandemic got to everyone in some way and I decided to listen to the desire of needing a hiatus. But- as they say- sometimes you need to run from the world, with the intention of coming back stronger! That is exactly what I am doing. For those of you who have not seen publicly: I started a business, Simply Franee LLC! I wanted to call it this because I believe, in life, that variety and balance is key to any aspect of what we do. In a job, one often gets bored or feels limited in their careers until a promotion is given. When you can't decide what to eat (am I right ladies?) you ultimately want a buffet so you can savor a little of everything. When you are considering your closet, it's important to have a variety of styles for not only all occasions but warmth and comfort! So I refuse to be limited in my business because while I think a niche goes a long way, I also think there's something admirable living a life so full, that you are able to build your career and income around all the things you love. I have many talents and am capable of great successes, Simply Franee LLC will give me that opportunity to showcase my worth and live happily doing so!

So what is it that I'll be doing? Well first, one of the new features I finally got the confidence to start promoting is personal shopping! Now, this is not what you see when you google "personal shopper". That search often results in wardrobe, clothing stylist, personal shopping. This is NOT what I am interested in doing, though I know I am capable of finding clothes and a different style for someone, but I was aiming to be different. If you know me, I have to stand out and be completely unlike everyone else. What I am interested in is personal shopping specifically for gifts, trips, and experiences! I have always had an enormous love of gift giving for anyone. Whether it be Christmas, Birthday, Anniversary, I love finding the perfect, most thoughtful personalized gift, to whoever I am giving it to, and waiting for their response. I am very researched, and resourced in finding special websites, deals, and working for affordable budgets. I grew up poor, and can understand those who want to save in a pinch, but also those who prefer quality over quantity. The only thing I had lacking for me over the years, is unlimited income to splurge on everyone I wished to spoil!

With that being said, I decided to offer services to be the go to girl, when people have trouble shopping for other people and have no idea what to get them, or where to find something that they will truly like. Allow me to help! This was a very big, scary decision to make a business, but you have no idea if something will be worth it, unless you try. Take a leap of faith in trusting in me, like I did in sharing my services with you.

(Photo: L&MC photography)

You can learn more specifically about the personal shopping gig by clicking Here or that pretty little tab at the top that says "Personal Shopper". You will also see a tab labeled as "Artwork/Donations" :) Here, I will showcase some artwork that I completed available for your choosing based on what you'd like to donate for the item. It's not meant to be difficult, it's a way for you to still support me by sending a little cash my way but in return having something handmade in your home to bring you a little joy.

And lastly my blog. Yes. I do plan on starting it back up though there's far too much to previously catch you up on with all of the family and homestead, so it'll be more recent news and inspirations. Just know that Piper May, is dog gone fantastic and happier than ever that we are mostly work from home. Twinkle Cat is napping often but is most purrfect in her retirement and healthy, happy and cute. Oreo bunny is thoroughly pleased that she gets most of the day to free range with Kevin in the room, and spoiled rotten with veggies and treats. The chickens are ever changing, now counting 13, loud and demanding, but still are the best birds with an extremely fortunate lifestyles and popping out eggs left and right. You may also see a new plant or two, or three, or five!

On that note, I will cheers you a good day, night, week, and month. Thank you for taking the time to read this update, and visit my personal shopper page! I hope you will think of me when that next birthday, anniversary, wedding, or graduation comes up, but also, consider allowing me to use my expertise and skills to spoil yourself with a little something, that you weren't even sure you were missing in your life.

I promise, you won't be disappointed.



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