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Updated: Mar 9

Good evening! Happy soon to be October!

I didn't get around to blogging last week, but this week I am ready to do it earlier than usual! When the mood strikes I guess!

So Marigolds. I have SOOO many marigolds this year. They grew and grew and populated.

Trust me, this photo does not do the amount of Marigolds there are...justice. With a bounty of marigolds comes a bounty of seeds. Early on, I thought I think I will harvest the seeds from my flowers this year. Why not, saves money from buying them next year! I looked up how to collect seeds from the Marigolds- it was super easy and I got to work collecting the dead heads on the plants.

I collected only a few from one of the side plants, and sat on the stoop with Miss Piper as I deconstructed each seed pod to find the many many seeds inside! Did you know about the insane amount of seeds tucked inside one seed pod!? Because what they sell in stores that you buy must be 1 seed pod per packet! There is a ton!

A few in the jar, the rest in the pod~ I wasn't aware they were fully loaded like this but I had fun gathering them!

Here you will see I filled up the normal large size candle jar with their decomposed seed pods beside it. That was all I have picked and it made that many seeds!! So now I'm thinking- I may have a side hustle here!

I went back to my good ole marigold bush and continued to pick more before the rain last night! Now on a wind down evening I will have something to keep my hands busy with :) and I'll feel great living off my own seeds for the next year!

Because I was so stoked about it, I googled some other plants I have and proceeded to collect their harvest too!



Wild flowers assortment

Morning glories- they say to let the seed pods brown before splitting them open, so I am being patient by only collecting a few from my still blooming morning glories!

That was a fun activity I did this week! I can't wait to continue to stock up more- ordering brown seed packs on Amazon too for my collection! Would you be interested in buying seeds from me?

In other news- the trees have started to change here in Connecticut. It feels really early this year- I am used to a later fall. I recall when I was living in Saratoga Springs NY, the first week in October was peak season where the leaves would be breathtakingly beautiful, and I would insist Kev and I hike a mountain to see them from atop. Always an incredible view- but this feels really early.

We enjoyed them together over the weekend by walking the dog, just down the road from us.

My favorite walking partners

Loved this rock and the yellowing ferns!

Funky looking leaf.

Even the ground cover is a beautiful shade of fall!

We ended up not going too far through this near by field- little piper's legs are so short that the hay sticks were jabbing her poor low belly and making it difficult for her to walk. We will go and explore it together at a later time.

Just a beautiful early fall walk :)

I also recently finally decorated for fall/halloween. I'll be honest- I am not very proud of it, it's not my best work. I remember having more decorations that I found this year, and I just wasn't totally feeling sure of what I wanted to do. But this is what I made happen.

Spoookkyyy. I am mainly a sucker for lighting.. Anything that I can give ambiance to a room with and I am sold. We hardly ever use normal lights all fall- winter, just spread about twinkle lights.

Why yes, I did paint that cat and bat cartoon :)

Just simple leaves around the windows. Fun and sweet.

I am so excited that my bestie ordered me the newest Nicholas Sparks book! I haven't opened it yet but I keep carrying it with me from room to room, in case the opportunity strikes midday.

I also recently tried to propagate some planties in water- I've never tried it before and I am not feeling confident but hopefully they make roots and I can continue growing the plant family.

I had a long strand of this plant fall off and I couldn't bare to see it maybe die or waste away, so here goes nothing,

And to end this sweet post- miss Piper, being really cute on the couch with a blankie. Her favorite.

Til next time! Happy October!

Cheers, xo, love to all (please continue to like, comment, share and subscribe- it means the world!)


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