A Thursday for keeping

Good evening all🍸

It was a really nice Thursday. We both had the day off and made the most of it. The day started with coffee on the couch together

followed by a dog walk for miss Piper, but not our usual route! We drove a ways down the road to a near by pond/lake where the roads are narrow and the cottages/houses are beautiful. She thoroughly enjoyed herself and it was nice to get moving. I didn't take any photos as I was really in the moment myself! That motivated us to get some much needed yard work done! That wasn't my favorite part, in fact I secretly would really like a landscaper If I'm being honest! But the results were really nice.

He cleaned up the front of the house, where the vines and ivy were trying to take over the stoop and growing into the crack and trim of the front door. I should have taken a before photo but I was a little embarrassed... He also cut back the holly bushes and reshaped them (for once I'm not getting stabbed by their sharp point leaves!).

The path was so overgrown. Sorry Ups guy and friends! Now you can walk with ease!

Got fun mail today from both my sister and my friend Meg! (Whom I also received the sweetest package from the day before today!)

Oh my heart, I can't!

My sister is sooooooo artsy I tell ya! I am always excited to write back and challenged to make it just as great for her in return! Aren't those acrylic marker plants perfect!??

This beautiful poem 😍😍 first time ever hearing it! && Answer inserts from a previous question insert!...and can we talk about her perfect handwriting!?!

Ugh, it's impossible to share just how much I live for these letters and how fulfilling they are! My advice to you: get an artistic and interested pen pal!

My many morning glories that I started inside, are finally blooming! && They are all unique and differently lovely!

Aren't they just about perfect!? I'm patiently waiting for a blue one and the ones up by my mailbox to bloom, as they are now finally starting to wrap! But they were started right in the ground versus inside first.

Those of you who are married know the importance to keep at your marriage and things fun! Well Kev and I decided today, on a whim, to add a tradition to our relationship. Temporary tattoo Thursday! (He has real tattoos, I do not and likely won't ever get one...but I do have a ton of temporary tattoos laying around!)

This is week 1- our first shared Thursday Tattoo 🖤

A simple, adorable, black and white cat 😍😭

His placement:

Couples who tattoo together, stay together? At least it's fun nonetheless! Remember they wash off in a day or two. Haha

We finished the afternoon with getting a homemade sandwich to share (ham, cheddar cheese, onions, spinach, tomato, honey citrus dressing) 😋 delicious!

Overall, a day of being, and living, and enjoying those moments.

Cheers to that! Thanks to all who visited my blog last week, it was bumping 💃and I was squeeling 🐖 with excitement!!

Have a happy Friday and a lovely weekend!!!

Xo 🤭😘Franee

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