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Good Morning & Good Evening- I had intentions of writing this, this morning but the day got away from me.

This morning was very foggy and gloomy, wet from yesterday's all day rain. You can see the end of summer beginning, and early fall coming to onset.

Last night was a friend's birthday! Piper did her best to be a good party guest, and entertain her wish for a party dress.

She certainly looked adorable, but asked politely with her eyes, to take it off her.

We made her wear it for at least an hour. She survived.

I mean COME ON. Tell me that's not adorable. You can't- I won't believe you.

However, I have been noticing a dog stank... that was becoming worse and worse- so a bath was in order for today- she was less than happy with it during-- however now is silky soft and smells of sugar cookie.

Speaking of mess- the chicken coop was absolutely disgusting. So while I was a mess, I decided to clean that up as well. It looks so pretty now, with hay to pick through in the corner, && fresh shavings. The girls were so excited to discover it nice and clean.

The way the light shines through this window sometimes stops me in my tracks. I wanted to share a picture, it doesn't do it justice as usual.

So we have big news- a new member of the family has recently moved in....

Meet: Oreo

Age: about one year or so.

Breed: Dutch Rabbit

The sweetest bunny there ever was.

We are quite fond of Piper's bed, and will have to get one for bunnies only. So comfy so cozy.

One of the cutest/sweetest/most adorable things Oreo likes to do is, Lick you. She gives plenty-o-kisses. A few light nibbles but mostly licks with the little bunny tongue. Blehblehbleh*

The smallest Rose of Sharon doubled in size this year. Sits up against the garage side. I think the previous owners just took stems from the larger trees around the yard and transplanted them successfully.

Some beautiful ambiance for you. haha at least I am quite smitten with it. I love how it all blends together and looks with the back lights. After a hard's day work with all the chores & responsibilities I have now, it's nice to see how well I put together our house. I love it still.

We just celebrated 2 years in the house! Hit the 2 year mark. Feels like we have been here way longer honestly.

Recently grown & picked- Pears! Our pear tree was absolutely loaded this year and hanging heavy. I've picked 2 full basket fulls and there's still more than a handful on the tree. We let them ripen inside because they say you don't let a pear ripen on the tree, because it will ripen inside and outside will not be ripe/hence the fruit goes bad. So if you pick it, let it ripen on your counter over days, then the pears are just about perfect. We don't spray them with anything- they are truly all natural and organic. Just picked off the tree as they grow.

Here is the second basket full of pears.

Feels so good to have homegrown things to sustain our homestead with. If we don't eat the pears / other fruit, our chickens will and so will the new bunny. Our peach tree was pathetic this year, really quite sad. I have no idea if we did something wrong or if the weather was not peach happy weather. Our crab apple tree is also bountiful, but just started to turn red and ripen.

Last week's temporary tattoo Thursday choice- we haven't picked one for today... it's an hour before bed, so I guess we shall pick late, and share what it is next week.

Cute whimsical deer.

We recently did some estate saling- and picked up some goodies. I got these cute fake pom flowers, a tin with dried lavendar and roses on either end, a cute mug, and a mini plant lady kit with fun items such as a shovel, rake, pencil, pin, notepad etc.

See here^

In addition I also found some rustic candles, and a few planters for my many plants.

I got some fun list books because I LOVE them, and some vintage old penpal paper.

A new kitchen spoon holder.

This adorable strawberry apron.

And this awesome old school ice cream scoop. Ignore the close up doghair on the floor.

I also got these vintage screw on earrings- fun fact my ears are no longer pierced and have not been since I was about 10. I wear clip ons/screw ons.

Been doing pretty good at thrifting! It's one of our favorite things to do! Check out these classic Winnie the pooh books I snagged at a local book barn.

I promise you, I have just about every single classic Winnie the Pooh books/ in multiple covers. And I LOVE collecting it.

Recent letter my sister sent to me: I live for these every week. It's the most fun and it keeps me crafty!

Well since I have shown you pictures of all the other animals- I should share one of Twinkle. She's one I don't get many of admittedly, mainly because she's off napping most hours of the day.

Plumpy, furry, cute old girl- asking us to come to bed. Which is exactly where I am headed just after pressing "publish" on this blog post because I am WHOOPED after today.

I hope you enjoyed reading and my pictures were fun to see.

I am loving blogging again and discovering new blogs to catch up on. It's fun to see and relate with how everyone else lives. If you do like this, please consider sharing with your friends/family (someone who may love it too!) and hit that subscribe button!

Til next week, cheers!

Franee xox

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