A Book Date

Good morning☕

The morning glories are up and greeting the world!

They are trailing all over the deck - all different colors 💗

It's a Rainyday Thursday which is my favorite kind of day 😃

Obsessed with the ambiance of lighting lately, our room is so moody with the pink hue.

Today I have requested a day date at the local book barn while it rains upon us. I even created a scavenger hunt for us to partake in while there.

Looking forward to it! We likely will sneek in some grocery shopping as well. But overall it's a day of fun.

Had a Late bloomer rose pop up this week, so beautiful and sunsety.

Some INCREDIBLE sunsets this past week as well. The clouds looked as if they were on fire!

Well on that note, not much new to report this week, wishing everyone a lovely Thursday and will likely share our book finds next time!

Hello from Piper!

Til next time!

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Xo F.

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